Sunday, March 06, 2011

I let myself forget.


After I swore not to.

I seem to go through this creative cycle. I knit (and spin) more and more complicated things. As I create, I come up with some (admittedly cool) ideas and implement some of them. The whole thing gets out of control until I'm frustrated and frazzled, with my attention in a hundred directions, unable to focus on one thing. Of course nothing can get done that way. So I give up.

Then I start over. I cast on something simple. And I remember.

It is really fucking cool to make something with two sticks and some string.

I'm going back to my old creative process: One simple project (above) and one complicated project (a Niebling doily for my entry-way, when I feel like casting on). One spinning project. THAT IS IT.

For now I'm working out a garment shaping idea by knitting a sweater for the Goober. I have a feeling she's going to be getting lots of clothes knit for her - since she's small, she's a good victim for experiments. Once I figure out the shaping, THEN I'll work this design idea into it. Baby steps. I'm chilling out.

The joy of creating is what this is about. If I forget again, I want all of you to kick my ass. (But hey, this wasn't as bad as the Blue Shimmer madness in 2006, was it? It was August and September, for those of you wanting to go back and witness the meltdown.)


Roxie said...

I have to be in a very special mental state to knit lace. But always have a simple project on the needles. Something for the hands to do while the brain runs rampant.

Lucky Goober!

Donna Lee said...

I think it is marvelous to make things from sticks and string. I enjoy the complicated lace knitting but I adore the simple, ribbed, stockinette project. It's as much a test of a person's skill to turn out beautiful stockinette.

Amy Lane said...

OH no, baby-- I lived through that with you when it was happening-- I don't need to relive it again.

I love it that you love the simple stuff. It makes me feel not so bad for living for that myself!

Anonymous said...

good thing my feet are big enough to kick your ass thoroughly. Beautiful sweater!

Trish J