Monday, February 21, 2011

What's up.

Well. I've been knitting! That project that needed a couple square feet of gauge swatches? The design and test-knit phase has begun.

When I do this kind of design (it's complicated, with cables integrated into the construction), I do the design and test knit at the same time. I've got the pattern about half worked out. As I go I'll work out the rest and take notes. Then, with luck, I'll do other sizes and possibly have some of you test knit, too.

The neck ribbing feels endless. This is my own fault, for being picky and wanting it JUST SO. It's a double thickness; knit it twice as long, fold it over, knit the beginning to the end, then go on to the rest of the sweater. It's awesome when done (this is the neck I put on the Blue Shimmer, among other things), but in progress it takes FOREVER. Ah well. This is how I learned patience. As much as I ever did.



Of course, as I type we've got an inch of snow on the ground and more likely to fall, but that's early spring for you. Last fall I planted over a hundred bulbs, mostly in the back yard where I look out the window while I do dishes. Can't wait to see them come up. I love bulb flowers.

The Goober played outside the other day. She likes to collect leaves and sticks and that sort of thing. It was so windy she couldn't pile up the leaves like usual.

Being clever, she found a solution.


Those of you who think I'm organized?

Ha. Ha, I say.


When we lived in South Carolina, we had a nice little Mexican restaurant about, oh, three miles from our house. Probably closer to two. I'd really missed the place, so we tried the closest Mexican restaurant to our new place. It's further away, about five miles, but we can live with that. Really good food. I ate so much guacamole I nearly exploded. So we found our replacement.

The Goober is getting taco eating lessons.


And here is a photo of the Goober stuck in her pajamas, just because it made me laugh.

Now I am going to go finish that neck ribbing, TONIGHT. Or else.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

hehehe silly goober! Congrats on the mexican restaurant find - those are priceless!

Roxie said...

I like a good movie on TV for knitting infinite ribbing. If I go with a book on tape, the meditative effects put me to sleep.

Love the photos. And hooray for finding a good neighborhood mexican restaurant.

Nicole T said...

If you're looking for people to test knit your design, I'm willing to!

bobbins said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your new design.

Does it look to anyone else that the leaves weighted down carefully with the rocks are arranged by size? I love to see how happily children entertain themselves when allowed free reign.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your family with us.

Louiz said...

Cute Goober. And I am also up for test knitting if you need more testers.

Ruby Louise said...

Ditto on the good movie being necessary for infinite ribbing.

At a glance, I thought the Goob built you a sundial with her collection. :-)

Amy Lane said...

We planted some bulb flowers in planters... I nave no idea how that's going to turn out.

The goob is, as always, endlessly fascinating. I say get her and Squish together and look out world!

Emily said...

Oh, you'll have a fun spring! I see you're not far south of me, but way inland & probably subject to Great Lakes weather stuff. We have gobs of snow. Not a crocus in sight, tho' our earliest flowers are snowdrops. I LOVE pics of your family.