Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So much for that 'blog every day' idea. But when I don't blog, hey, lots to report!

Well, probably not that much.

The Goober tracked home a killer germ from hell that has lingered with all three of us, for weeks. Yay. Mine's turned into a sinus infection, I think the husbeast and the Goober are just fulla snot.

The whining and bitching that I've been doing about physical therapy is backing off some. I'm able to feel a difference by now, so, well. Obvious results make it a little easier to live with - even if my awesome PT keeps adding on exercises.


Since I've been sitting around at home, whining and full of green snot, I got some knitting done!

This is the last of the ridiculous amounts of gauge swatches I've knit for the current design I'm working on. (Am I the only one who knits up an entire swatch of Cascade 220 for this kind of thing?) Since I designed the twisted stitch pattern mostly from scratch (inspired by an old sock!) I had to knit the whole damn thing to make sure it worked. And, hey, didja know that cables and twists suck in more than regular stockinette? WHO KNEW! So there's that to fuck with, too. But I'm almost at the 'knit the damn thing' stage. Whee!

The Goober took her own picture yesterday.

Not the most flattering photo of her, ever, but still pretty funny. She's been having fun with the computer lately. I got her the "Crayola Art Studio" for Christmas, and now that she's got the hang of computers in general, well, she'd have carpal tunnel by now if I let her play as long and often as she wanted to.

Sekhmet still guards her, as often as not. Just like when the Goober was a baby.

Lately we've been making the Goober do pushups when she screws up. Willful screwups, not mistakes. Seems more humane than spanking her, and she's at an age where spanking is a little iffy, anyway. Nothing else works. So, pushups! I totally stole the idea from Sensei at karate class. He makes them do squats. Between the two of us, this kid's going to be well-mannered AND fit.

Oh, look! Kitty!


Anonymous said...

I was never embarrassed to take my boys out in public. They were probably more embarrassed by me. Having well mannered children is not easy especially if you want them to grow up to be assertive adults.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Snuggly kitteh!

Donna Lee said...

I like the idea of pushups/squats. It's still uncomfortable for the kid but it's not physically done by you so there's no lingering memories of Mommy Beat Me (and hopefully no Mommy Dearest-esque books)

Roxie said...

Looks like Sekhmet is also guarding you. Good cat!

Boy, I'd have to be really mindful in your house. I can't do even one pushup.

Barbara said...

Pushups are an excellent reminder to behave and have good manners.

Wait until the Goob is in school full time. The little house apes are germ factories extraordinaire! All those Crayola apps look like fun. I wish I was a kid.

Gorgeous swatch.

Emily said...

What humbling diligence you have, swatching like that. I am in awe.

Leah said...

My mum's dog was my nana. I still miss her. Good job Sekhmet.

Swatches are a Good Thing. It looks like you swatched it as if you were knitting it in the round as well. I have trouble hacking up that much wool.

Louiz said...

That swatch looks ever so very interesting. Plus I second the comment about full time school and bringing home every germ under the sun. And generously passing it on to loving parents.

Roz said...

I'm glad I'm not the only cat servant whose cat feels the need to guard my, ah, most intimate parts. LOL

=Tamar said...

The swatch looks interesting.
Please research push-ups - apparently there is a right way and a wrong way, and I remember people saying the wrong way can cause damage.

Also, exercise as punishment can backfire badly, when _all_ exercise is viewed as punishment. A friend of mine had that problem.

Amy Lane said...

We've gotten to the point where we just count to three and point to the bedroom, and then listen for her receding wail as she runs for the room. And your Kitteh is entering her golden years--the time when the bald kitten is tolerable and guards her back, and all the sunspots in the room are made JUST for her. Here's to many comfortable kitteh years!