Monday, January 24, 2011

What I'm doing.

The fiber edition. (I'm also doing physical therapy, which SUCKS OOZING RAT ASS, but that's enough of THAT subject.)

Months ago, I purchased a skein of garish yarn (known amongst the knitters I hang out with as the "Clown Vomit" colorway). It's 100% reeled silk. After fooling around with WAY too many stitch patterns, I settled on 'yarnover, knit two together; knit back plain'. I need to weave in the ends and call it done. I intend to wear it myself, with my twenty year old navy blue canvas parka.

A friend sent me a ball of sock yarn, and I busted out with the Cat Bordhi patterns:

This sock is almost done, then the second needs done. Sock knitting is zombified for me, so there's no 'oh darn a second sock', just me, zoned out, knitting in (small) circles. The stripes flashed or zagged or something... still a lot prettier than the scarf. Love both projects, though. I'm into garish. I'm sure no one's noticed.

Spinning? I had this in the stash for waaaaay too long. It's a combination of wool (Corriedale, I think) and bamboo.

It'll make nice socks or mittens, when I make up my mind. I really want mittens, but I really like the brain dead circles of socks. It's a conundrum.

There's a design, brewing. Sloooowly.

A test size for the Goober, then possibly another one for me before I publish it. For SALESALESALE. My half-assed goal for the year is to get my business up and running again. I've got A Plan, heavens help us all. Anyway, it's cables and Cascade 220. I'm working on an addiction to Cascade 220 since discovering the wall of it at my local yarn store. Being able to get ALL THE COLORS makes me kinda crazy. Hopefully in a good way.

And for the fans of the Goober:

We've invested in an extra-long couch; now we've got one up and one down, very handy for naps. The Goober likes it particularly well, because when I curl up in a ball, there's plenty of room for her. Of COURSE she expects to share the pillow.

I'm pretty sure, in that picture, that Sekhmet's under the blanket, too. Fucker.


Knot By Gran'ma said...

Oooooh! You're so busy! I love the socks... can't wait until it's mindless circles on my part too. I am also so glad to hear that I'm not the only one that wants all of the Cascade 200 colors. They're SO PRETTY!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you finally manipulated the color in the scarf. I know you frogged several times. The sock yarn is great too.
I'm back to a household where I can't go to the bathroom alone. The pups whine if I shut the door. Every child and pet has insisted on being able to see me! I hope your cat leaves you in peace!

Rooie said...

Love the scarf! Love the socks! Guess that means I'm into garish too. Though I prefer to think of it as "chromatically open-minded."

That Goober's pretty cute, too.

Roxie said...

But - but - the scarf is pretty!

Plain mittens with long cuffs is pretty zombified knitting. And you need long cuffs!

Barbara said...

Color! Bring on the color! Love the scarf and sock.

Naps are gifts from the gods.

Amy Lane said...

Okay.... isn't it weird how that rainbow just changes face from one stitch to the other! (Although I didn't know you frogged it until it worked--aren't YOU tricky!) You and the happy together:-)

Emily said...

That is the sweetest picture. Love, love, love it.

And mittens are round, too!

Donna Lee said...

Nothing like a couch big enough for everyone to nap on at the same time.

I love socks for that reason. Most of the time, they're easy and quick. And I love Cat's patterns. I'm just not ready to try her 'new sock architecture'.

Louiz said...

like the rainbow:)

Love the look of the cable thingy. Hoping you do get your business up and running - I managed to felt my socks made from purple trainwreck, and am disconsolate. The chance of being able to get my sticky fingers on some more would make me a happy bunny:)

articulateknits said...

I like the clown vomit colorway. I also love the colors of what your spinning. It looks yummy.

PS: That design looks fabulous!