Sunday, January 02, 2011

The fix.

After that last blog post, I was puzzling over what to do about that bobbin for quite a while. I sat down to knit on the sock that was the first installment of that fiber, and realized the sock was too small.

It was late, I'd had a bad day already, and, well. It was the final straw and had been a while since I hacked up some fiber with the Girl Knife. Lo, it was right there in my pocket.

After that I felt better. (It took about five minutes to get all the fiber off the bobbin. No blood was drawn. Really. I swear.)

Turns out the end of the bobbin had separated from the shaft, which is what I thought, but a lot more cleanly than expected.

The husbeast glued it back together and it's fine. Conversation (okay, ranting and bitching) on line revealed that a lot of folks with Ashford bobbins have had this problem, so if you use them, look out. We've gone through the rest of my bobbins and the husbeast found another that was wobbly, so he popped it loose and re-glued it. You might want to look into it yourself. We're using Elmer's specialized wood glue, but regular Elmer's glue would likely work as well.


Since everyone had a stroke at that last picture of the Goober, looking all grown up, I'll post some more. She had a growth spurt in early December that left me wondering where that kid in my house had come from.

She looks a little glazed in that photo; she was trying to convince me to let her stay up late because she wasn't tired, and that out-of-it look was so funny I snapped a photo.

At Christmas, she helped her grandma (she calls my elegant and sophisticated mother-in-law "granny" to the amusement of all) make the traditional family stuffing:

Which she got a kick out of, of course.

She conned her grandpa into reading her many stories:

Which they both enjoyed. My father-in-law deserves a medal; that's a Dora the Explorer book he's reading, there.

Sekhmet has truly adopted the bald kitten, and is really getting into the role of nanny.

Here she is rubbing her kitten's belly. I swear to all the gods I did not pose or arrange that photo in any way. The cat was actually patting the kid's belly. I boggled for quite a while before I thought to take a photo.

And, with the home schooling, the Goob has finally started to 'get' computers.

With some fun programs like Crayola Art Studio, she has taken to it like a duck to water. Now the hard part is keeping enough ink and paper on hand, because I finally got a printer and she's figured out what that little icon in the upper left means.

Last but not least, a tee shirt the husbeast got me for Christmas:

Best. Shirt. Ever.


Donna Lee said...

That is a great shirt. Kids seem to go from toddler to child to young person so quickly and in the nighttime when we're not watching. All of a sudden, poof, the baby/toddler/child is gone and there's a person demanding rights and priviledges and it's awesome to watch.

Michelle said...

I can't believe how big the Goob has gotten! She is a big kid now, when I started reading she was tiny.

Also? Best shirt ever.

Louiz said...

Love, love love the shirt. Plus cool on conning extra stories:)

Amy Lane said...

Your bald kitten is getting so BIG! (*sniffle* So's mine...) And I love your T-shirt... me want one! (I once disposed of a bridesmaids dress pretty much the same way, sans knife. Ahhhh...)

Sarah said...

I've commented to most of these pics on twitter already but I'm wondering what is on the goob's hand? Is it some kind of weird bandaid? just curious.

Love the cat rubbing the bald kitten's belly, awesome, and frightening, world domination is eminent.

Roxie said...

Ah - the Gordian Knot solution. Very efficient

Hooray for home-schooling the goob. But you know, she might be getting due for another name change. "Goober" is a bit demeaning and she's turning into - well, into someone that may have outgrown Goober. More of a young amazon or a force of nature. Hmm - my Egyptian theology is shakey. Did Sekhmet have offspring?

Barbara said...

Nice tits. You've lost weight.

Excellent yarn carnage. I did that to a glove once.

Love the Goob. Do not change her name. Granddaughters/nieces are the original cons. I used to have uncles lined up to read me stories. Broke them in for when they were daddies.

Galad said...

Love the shirt! Can't believe how quickly the Goob has grown. Thanks for the photo update :-)

Nicole T said...

I've got a nephew about the Goob's age, and it is freaky how fast he learned to use a computer. In no time he could go to Netflix and pick out the movie he wanted to watch, because my sister's got a special category set up for him.

And I love the shirt.

Emily said...

I love the shirt. Voluptuous body! Whoa.

Yes, kids grow so fast. My very chubby younger granddaughter is less chubby suddenly; her sweet pudgy face has lost pudge and is taking on contours, faint though they are. Sigh.

Good to see you posting!

Anonymous said...

Wow...your daughter certainly has your fingers. I think her fingers are longer than mine! But to be fair I have stubby fingers. And your Sekmet looks a lot like our Darwin.