Thursday, October 07, 2010

A sock.

That's all I've got to report. Been zoned out here, knitting. Oooooohm.

I'm using the Yarn Harlot's generic sock pattern from "Knitting Rules". She's awesome. So is the sock pattern. Fits perfectly. I've got a few rounds to go and then I have to find a tapestry needle in the disaster that is my work room. That'll be an adventure.

Saturday I have a friend coming by for a Dye Day. She wants to see how I do Purple Trainwreck and stuff. I'll try to document so youse guys have fun photos. Now that I'm a sock-knitting fool, I'm gonna dye some stuff for me, not just stuff I think will sell. Won't that be fun?


This morning the Goober woke up the Husbeast because she had a train stuck in her hair.

It's been that kind of week around here. For all of us.


Anonymous said...

And he didn't take a picture of the train in her hair for her wedding day? He's falling down on the job!

@jeaniebabb on twitter

Amy Lane said...

Oh noes! Trains get stuck in the toilet, GUM gets stuck in the hair! (Nice sock!)

PICAdrienne said...

A train stuck in hair is a totally different type of trainwreck. Hope everyone survived the train removal ordeal.

Donna Lee said...

That's what happens when we sleep with trains. (plastic dinosarus make quite a hair tangle too).

I hope the meds are working and your hands are feeling better. this bout of cold damp weather has played havoc with the arthritis.

Roxie said...

I am reminded of that French lady during the reign of Louis the someteenth who showed up with a minature sailing ship surmounting her huge elaborate wig. Goober might set a fashion for the kinder-set. Hair-trains become the latest accessory.

Nice sock!

Anonymous said...

I snorted.

How did he get the train out?


I love my word it is thingler

NeedleTart said...

Beware. I just brought out the winter clothes and I have 30 (30!) pairs of wool socks. Maybe I should knit the rest of my Self-Imposed Sock of the Month club for other people. Nah! There's some really good yarn in there.

Alwen said...

My DH woke up this morning and told me, "The goat is arriving tomorrow."

Whaaaaaat was he smoking in his sleep?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you live in Pigsbird now, shouldn't you be saying "yinz" for second person plural?

Walden said...

Love the colors in the socks.

I agree, no picture of the train in the hair? That had to have been a painful experience.