Monday, September 06, 2010


Today we took the Goober to the zoo. I took lots of photos. They're still on the camera. We walked for twenty thousand miles, across Siberia, for months and months.

Well, it SEEMED like it.

On the way home we picked up the psych report on the Goob, so we can drop it and ten thousand forms off at the school admin building tomorrow. I read the report. The kid has 'average to above average' everything, in every category tested. Super high in math and logic and language. But not so high I worry that she'll turn out like Issac Newton, so this works for me. No behavioral problems. Good attention span. All this was stuff I pretty well knew, I mean duh, YOU GUYS knew all this, but as a mom, there's always that seed of doubt in the back of my mind. Because, well, I'm the mom. I'm biased. It's my JOB to think I have the best, brightest, smartest, cleverest kid in the world. So it's nice to have confirmation from a professional that yeah, she is smart and I'm not just being the mom about it.

The one good thing was, the report says she has no learning disabilities. This is great, because I'd been worried about dyslexia - she does tend to confuse letters. But the shrink said that it's not dyslexia - the kid knows right and left BETTER than a lot of kids her age. The letter confusion is more of her visual problem, and we should still be able to correct that with some exercises and specialized glasses, basically to lay in the right neural pathways.

So, not only is my kid officially smart, I'm officially not a hallucinatory mom who sees an unrealistic image of their child. Both these things are very good.

Now if only I can get this stuff dropped off at the school tomorrow without going for someone's throat. That would be good.


Otherwise, um. I'm still knitting a sock. Still working on the VK review - it's gonna wind up being a two-parter, I think. I'm halfway through the patterns and the post is going on FOREVER.

The zoo was cool. Did I mention that? And I'm really tired?

Sunday we're having the Goobie's birthday party, here, with the in-laws. So that's when I'll do my traditional photo montage.

Sekhmet's latest? She's finally, after more than ten years, decided she likes human food. Chicken and steak, specifically. She sits on her haunches and pats me on the leg when I'm eating, to beg. Cute.

I'm tired.


Amy Lane said...

I knew your kid was brilliant! (Mostly because I've got kids that run the gamut-- I know brilliant, learning disabled, and weird. I've got two of one, and one each of the others...)

Louiz said...

The Goober's intelligence comes through clearly from your writing, so I'm not surprised she's "average or above average" across the board.

Good luck with not going for anyone's throat.

Emily said...

Congratulations on Goober's report! You can put the niggling little fears away.

Now comes...well, school. Ugh.

Donna Lee said...

With parents like you and the husbeast, how could she be anything else?

I'm not fond of zoos. They're interesting but ultimately I feel sad when we're there.

Roxie said...

You hinted at a caveat, and my computer fidgeted, giving me time to imagine, "He said she was average or above average in everything BUT her mother is a freaking manic BITCH and will make you sorry for the rest of your lives if you don't take the kid RIGHT NOW! Existence will be much easier if you just knuckle under and jump to do her bidding for the next decade."

Looking forward to the zoo photos and the party pics!