Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Knitting bag sediment: a Rorschach test.

I've long thought that you could tell everything you needed to know about a woman (or man?) by the contents of their purse. And while I still believe that, I realized yesterday that for me at least, it might be more educational to look at the bottom of my knitting bag. See what you can figure out from this:
-USB charger that works on both kindles and my phone
-Go Fish deck of cards 
-asthma inhaler
-at least a dozen pens and pencils
-paper napkins
-a straw
-crayons (neatly in a plastic bag)
-TWO asthma inhalers (seriously, Julie?)

 This is in addition to the stuff I throw in when leaving the house, namely Kindle, pattern, books, knitting project, wallet, and phone. Oh, and keys. I am choosing to blame all this on the Goober. Surely the crayons are all her fault.


Alwen said...

I haven't unpacked the bag I took with me on Easter:

-netbook with cord & mouse
-zip drive with book on it
-clear zip tatting kit
-hardcase tatting kit
-tatting book from Google, printed out and bound
-Susanna Lewis' "Knitting Lace"
-the Bl├╝tenmuster Niebling folder
-external brain, aka hipster PDA

Yvonne said...

I recognize that bag.

Earth Angel said...

So not really about this blog post but (since you're awesome and stuff) I was wondering if you could help me... I bought the first and second books of modern lace knitting but for yarn she just says "9 ounces of 1 ply wool" for example... and I have NO idea what that means in grams/meters, or how to convert it. Maybe it was some specific yarn she was talking about but I don't know it :-( Do you have any clue? Or do i just have to buy lots of yarn which i think will look nice and hope? :-)

Thank you!!


Rose said...

to Earth fairy
google conversion charts
ounces to grams

Anonymous said...

What does it say about a person who doesn't carry a purse and doesn't have a dedicated knitting bag?

Emma M. said...

My sock project bag has, among other things, the business card for a place in San Francisco that does piercings, and care info for nipple piercings. So yeah, I'd say you can tell a lot.

Donna Lee said...

I don't change my purse except for when one falls apart and I get a new one. It's a tool, not a fashion accessory to me. All my essential things are in there(wallet, keys,epi pen, excedrin, tissues, pens, hand cream, nail file, small notebook, phone, spare bp meds, sunglasses, mints, oh god the list goes on and on.....).

I also carry a messenger bag to work with my umbrella, bottle of water, knitting project, mp3player, ipad, lunch and coffee. I am a bag lady.

Emily said...

My "purse" is a CamelBak, in which I carry my oxygen cylinder, as well as minimal "pursey" things. My knitting bag, however, carries whatever. It's pretty big, so it receives random stuff, on top of knitting. Often small toys, for the older granddaughter.

You only blame the crayons on the Goob. You play Go Fish alone?

Barbara said...

I've only got the "work" knitting bag today so, let's see... we have the worsted sock project, too many stitch markers for 10 projects, a cat toy/retractable tape measure, eensy crochet hook, and 6" of a plastic 1' ruler I sawed in half. It's not a big bag.

my "prove you're not a robot" word today is: emostvot which sounds like something you can catch in back alleys in Scandinavia. Cheers!

=Tamar said...

You have only one knitting bag? What does one call the bags that UFOs are stored in? My current carry-around knitting bag has instructions for at least ten projects, needles for seven, yarn for two, a complete set of everything else except the measuring tape (that lives in my pocket) and right now, one UFO that would take either one hour or four days depending on whether I rip and redo.

Elleninindy said...

In the bag today as i left for pub-knitting:
Finished "and the horse you rode in on" mitts and nearly finished wilton's-dyed worsted legwarmers for my bff, whose. Parkinsons makes her cold all the time
knitting bag i just finished making for another friend,
Set of dreamz special (short) points and cables that i also wanted to show off
Ball of long-color-change worsted and a 12-inch size 8 ciec to start new mitts
Three -- no, four -- packets of tissues
Paper napkins for beer spills
1 stitch marker from my favorite set (loose in bottom of bag)
Plastic box from Sock Summit 2011 with stitch markers and tapestry needles
One therapeutic glove
Coupon for $1 off a veggie tray at kroger
Two piecesof mesh shelf liner used for tightening points on circs and opening jars/bottles
Three pennies
Folding scissors
Swatch of handspun
Tube of lotion
Tube of painkiller gel
Allergy medicine
Bookmark/ruler/ad for a fiber festival
Half a pack of gum

Nicole T said...

Right on. I'm out of the habit of using a purse at the moment, and all my stuff is scattered everywhere. Very good summation of me and my life right now.

Amy Lane said...

heh heh heh... two kinds of laxatives, three kinds of allergy meds, Kindle, smart phone, Sock Monkey soda cozy, four different pairs of glasses-- or at least the cases to hold them, pens from three different romance writers, including me, random swag I forgot to give out, a bottle of water? Really? A brush... two brushes, NO BRUSHES, where'd they all go? Six hundred hair bands (okay-- rough estimate) and breath mints. And feminine protection. A lot of it. Oi.