Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sekhmet, you fucker.

(Good news! I'm starting to think in blog posts!)

This is the couch we owned when we adopted Sekhmet:
See how it's all sagging and drooping, like there's been a cat laying on the back of that couch for seven years?

Yeah. So when we got the new living room furniture last year, we both agreed that the one place the cat was NOT allowed to be was, yes, on the back of the couches.

So where does she want to be?
Sekhmet, you fucker.


Rosewort said...

Well, to be fair... you *did* provide her with those throw cushions expressly designed for her comfort, on top of the couch.

Amy Lane said...

oh please-- you expected differently?

Arruniel said...

And it's by a window.

The Keptwench said...

Looks like a perfect spot for Sehkmet to me!

Galad said...

Of course that is THE spot for Sehkmet, just like my cats insist that placemats on the table are really miniture cat beds.

Emily said...

Another good cat spot is on top of whatever you're reading.

ellen in indy said...

be grateful that sekhmet is merely a couch-potato cat.
her evil boy-twinm scruffy, continues crapping in the hallway when the litter box doesn't suit him.

it is well and truly said that cats do not have owners, they have staffs.

8- (

Saren Johnson said...

She has that you're not my real mom look.

Good luck with that...

Janis said...

Hi! I'm Janis. I've been lurking for a while - I honestly don't remember how long - and I don't remember how I found your blog, but I love your humour and matter-of-fact attitude!

My cat does that same thing; I think it's written into cat DNA to get to the highest place so that they can loom and lord over anyone below them.

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Unknown said...

Bubble Wrap. Cats don't really care for it.