Monday, February 02, 2009


Welcome to the latest attempt to beat the February blahs. Amy Lane and I cooked this up over a year ago, but what with one thing and another, it never happened. But this year! Ah, this year's gonna be a GOOD TIME!

Sock Roulette is Amy's way of beating second sock syndrome. I volunteered to run it, just for the sheer in-your-face of it all. Here, then, are the rules/guidelines, such as they are:

-sign up by sending me an e-mail at I will need your name and mailing address, and blog addy if you have one.
-knit a single sock. This can be as simple or as complicated as you like; I vote complicated, just for the fun of screwing with each other.
-at the end of February, you will get an e-mail, containing the address of another participant in Sock Roulette. Mail them the sock, the pattern (or a copy thereof), and the yarn needed to knit up the mate. It'd be nice to add any notes like what cast on you used, etc, but it's up to you, how much you want to torment your recipient.
-at the start of March, you will get your own sock in the mail from someone else, and wonder how on earth you're going to knit a mate to whatever complex piece of art has shown up in your mail box.

Sound fun? Good. I think so.

Here are a few things to remember.
-only I and the person mailing you a sock will wind up with your address. No one else. And I promise, I don't have the time or money to stalk anyone, even if I were so inclined. Though if you piss me off, I'll send you a really complicated, stranded-color sock.
-size everything for women's medium-to-large.
-FOR LARGER SOCK SIZES, we will do a secondary swap. Size for women's extra large, and when you e-mail me to join, put "large" (large size, large foot, large sock) in the message header.
-don't join unless you really will mail off a sock. It's really disappointing to join in and not get one, yourself.
-I will be going for distance when I decide who should mail to whom; if I can't match EVERYONE to different continents, at the least, I will go for opposite coasts of the same continent.
-I seriously doubt that mailing someone a copy of a knitting pattern so they can finish a pair of socks is a copyright violation. If anything, it's probably advertising (you like the pattern, you buy the book). But if the idea bugs you, use one of the eleventy-million free sock patterns available through Knitty and/or Ravelry.

I'll be making a knit-along button as soon as I get myself together; hopefully tonight, tomorrow latest. If this is a rousing success, I'm leaning toward doing it every year.

All right then. Start knitting!


Louiz said...

Cool. Email on its way:)

NeedleTart said...

Sounds like fun (yes, I am a little weird) but I have size 12wide feet. That's three balls of sock yarn, also, very (!) thick ankles.....Maybe if you do mittens?

Amy Lane said...

EEEE!!!! No warning! No warning! I knew it was coming and still, there was no warning!!!

Of course I'm in-- my name is on the liability list, uhm, I mean list of creative credits...

Nikoleta said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm holding off on joining until I know how much is on my plate, because I hate flakes (especially being one!)

I say go for it every year, if it's not huge this time around, it'll gain momentum once people see how fun it is.

Anonymous said...

I'm in! I can do one sock in a month! (or not, depending on what I do for my sister's birthday at the end of Feb. But, it's probably too late for that anyway, so bring it on!)

Anonymous said...

this sounds like a lot of fun.

I'm in.


my word is iminu

laughing so hard it changed to amagin, as I am amaigin what kind of sock i'll get

Malin said...

Great idea :-) The more complicated the better, huh? And I only have to do one... ((evil laughter))

My word is irestsm, as in iresistable? There must be som AI going on here...

Anonymous said...

Needle Tart, I have huge-assed feet, too (size 11.) You and I can trade.


Donna Lee said...

I'm in. What a strange idea.

Galad said...

I can't resist! E-mail coming.

Anonymous said...

OK after thinking, who gets to keep the sock the person who started it or the one who finishes?

If I am going to get it back I'll knit my size ;-)


Barbara said...

Oh, I would love to play but I've only knit one pair of socks in real sock yarn and am afraid I wouldn't get done in time. Next year, I swear I'll be ready. Can't wait to see them though.

How are your burnt fingers doing?

Caffeine Faerie said...

Yes! Fantastic!

Sarah said...

Take that February blahs - you are gone! What a cool idea :o)

Alwen said...

no no no no no. No more socks! I haz promised my overstuffed sock drawer.


And OMG! My verification word is, I swear: "Pouts"! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sarah O G said...

i emailed but havent heard anything yet, figure life is being in the way but thought I would give you a poke.

So "Poke"

gemma said...

I received my sock from Ann. Thank you Julie, what she sent me will be a challenge, so you should be proud of her! (I have not done slipped stitches before). gem